Thanksgiving Treats

Gobble, gobble! I love baking and crafting, so I always swoon over any edible, crafty treat!  With Turkey Day just around the corner, I’m thankful that there are so many cute choices to celebrate with.

Here’s my round-up of the best Thanksgiving themed treats the web has to offer. (If you’d like detailed instructions for making any treat just click the picture.)

Rice Krispie Treat & Candy Corn Turkeys

Oreo & Reese’s Turkeys

Turkey Sugar Cookies

Oreo & Pretzel Stick Turkeys

Vanilla Oreo Turkeys

Turkey & Reese’s Rice Krispie Pops

And what would Thanksgiving be without the Pilgrims and Indians?  We can’t forget about them…

Pilgrim Hats

(Scroll all the way down on the link to see these.)

Indian {Caramel} Corncob

Here are a couple more ideas I have that I just haven’t gotten around to making…

-The colors of Reese’s Pieces (yellow, orange, and brown) are just perfect for fall.  Why not make you favorite chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie recipe and add Reeces Pieces?

-Or how about a Thanksgiving Snack Mix? I’m thinking some combination of the following indredients: (choose your favorites) caramel corn or kettle corn, Crasins, mini pretzels, Cheese-Its, your favorite nut(s), and either candy corn or M&Ms. (And yes, I would pick out the blues and greens to make it fall colors.)

Even if you don’t have kids, I think these treats are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  They would make great neighbor gifts or would be fun to take into the office. And if you’re looking for some cute (and free) Thanksgiving printables to embellish your treats with check out these from blog Maddycakes Muse.


  • Hmmm…what to make for my class?! So many great ideas as always!

    • I was wondering if you’d make a Thanksgiving treat too! :) Or maybe you could make one with your kids in class? The Reese’s Pilgrim hats are similar to the witch hats you made and would be easy for kids to make (as long as you don’t have any peanut allergies). Either way, your class will LOVE you! XO

  • Someone posted a picture of her little brother on Facebook today and he had an Oreo & Reese’s turkey! It looked really awesome and I wondered if whoever made them had looked at your blog :)

    • I wish! But I didn’t “invent” them so who knows. Thanks for leaving me a comment! They always make my day. Have a great Thanksgiving! xo

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